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Dabble in Travel curates unique travel experiences around the world and creates personalized itineraries based on your passions and preferences. The world is a big place and we want to make it easier and more fun for you to explore it!

Destination Selection

Not sure where you want to go on your next trip? Let us guide you to the perfect destination for you!

Curated Trips

Want a completely customized trip without spending hours doing the research and planning? Let us do the work!

Mystery Trips

Feeling adventurous? Let us plan a trip tailored for you where the destination is a surprise!

Travel Roadmap

Need help figuring out how to make it to all the places on your bucket list? We can help plan out your travels for years to come!

For more information and rates for these highly personalized services, please visit the Travel Coaching Services page.

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Susie aims to inspire and help people turn their travel dreams into reality. She encourages people to “dabble” a little more in exploring the world, whether that’s a short road trip, a Round the World trip, or somewhere in the vast spectrum in between.

Susie has traveled to all seven continents and 46 countries, including a yearlong career break with her husband, Jan. She is extremely passionate about travel and exploring different cultures, foods, and languages.

Travel Tips & Destination Inspiration

Your Trip Planner: Indianapolis

I was recently in Indianapolis for at a travel blogging workshop, BlogHouse. It was a few intense days learning advanced blogging skills from experts in the field, but we balanced that with some fun exploring Indy, eating and drinking around the city, and meeting new...

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How to Compare Country Costs

When trying to figure out where you want to travel to, do you consider how much you may spend on a daily basis? If you're only comparing flight prices between destinations, then you're missing a big part of the equation. Yes, flights are typically the biggest trip...

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7 Easy Ways to Feel Like a Local in Italy

Chances are very good that you don’t need to be convinced to want to go (or return) to Italy. The country sells itself with its food, wine, history, fashion, and dramatic landscapes - what’s not to love? A few friends and a co worker recently returned from (separate)...

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Frontier Airlines – Is it Worth the Savings?

I’ve never flown Frontier Airlines before, but after a very unofficial Facebook survey of my friends’ experiences, the general consensus was it “wasn’t that bad.” It didn’t get any glowing reviews, but it didn’t get any horrible reviews like I’ve heard about Spirit...

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You Went to Antarctica?

When people ask where we went on our trip, I try to keep it brief because, depending on who I am talking to, there are varying degrees of interest. I usually mention that we made it to all 7 continents and see where the conversation goes from there. That comment is...

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Thank You!

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill I love that quote, and if we measured our journey in friends, then we have traveled A LOT over the last year! We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our family and friends we...

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